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Whether you are seeking solutions to a health problem or education on preventing a disease or enhancing your current level of health, you will benefit from forty years of my experience in integrating alternative and conventional medicine.

Ralph Golan MD
Ralph Golan MD
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My mission is to 1) Discover why you are not well:  Make the correct diagnoses (there may be several of them), and 2) Find answers and establish a treatment program that can restore and safeguard your health, and 3) Provide you with the understanding, encouragement, and confidence to pursue your health goals.


Our Protective Measures to Prevent the Spread of the Covid 19 Virus

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we restricted visits to video or telephone visits only. However, we have realized that for new patients or for established patients with complex conditions (who need close supervision), these types of visits were clearly suboptimal. We therefore decided April 2020 to proceed with in-person visits for these select patients. We still provide the video or phone visits when I feel that we can accomplish our goals through that means. This decision to see people in person came after a lot of discussion and thought on how to make our office as safe as possible for both our patients and ourselves. Here is our safety protocol:

We have no one waiting in the waiting room. We have you wait outside or in your car, and as our parking lot is just outside the front door, we come out to greet you wearing a N95 or KN95 mask. We require that all patients and staff also be masked. (We used face shields for about a year for ourselves and patients, but have since dispensed with those). Also, I will give you a squirt or two of hand sanitizer.

We provide the "unwoven" disposable medical masks if you do not bring a mask, but we ask that you do bring one and if possible find a KN95 or N95 as they are said to be more protective regarding the current Covid variant.

In my personal office where we will have our visit, any surfaces that you may be touching have been sanitized. I keep the windows cracked open and my door cracked and have a fan on—all of which allows for good air circulation and a safer environment.

We have been conducting in person visits in this manner for nearly two years now without any apparent adverse consequence to us or to our patients. I feel safe, and our patients do too.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Ralph Golan, MD and Charlyn (office manager)


Lyme Disease and Associated Infections UPDATE 2021 Diagnosis and Treatment


Found Healthy Solutions
"Dr. Golan has helped me regain my quality of life. As I experienced a number of health issues over the last 10 years, each treated by a specialist, I always felt that there was an underlying issue, perhaps common to all of the problems, that had not been identified. Dr. Golan provided the expertise and perseverance to "get to the bottom" of some of the underlying problems and worked with me to find healthy solutions. I now have the vitality and health that I thought that I might never get back." ~
Bob Weyant

My Best Source for Healing
"Dr. Golan has been my doctor since 1985. and I cannot say enough good things about him. He has solved for me health problems that had baffled other doctors. For example, he cured my stomach ulcers with antibiotics years before h pylori bacteria hit the news as the major cause of stomach ulcers. In 1999 when I was diagnosed with a chronic lung disease he prescribed L glutathione, a powerful antioxidant that that has no side effects and continues to help me even after all these years. It is still unknown to the traditional medical establishment. The tests he uses are non-invasive and his solutions are patient-friendly. 10 years ago we moved almost 100 miles from Seattle but I continue to see Dr. Golan as my best source for healing." ~

A Physician in the Truest Sense
"Dr. Golan's strength is his ability to listen, but also to HEAR every important detail. The respect he has for each person and their unique story is unmatched. His summary of what he heard me say in my history did not miss a single important fact. His tests are the most thorough of any doctor I know, as he found what other doctors missed because of his superlative testing. After more than 15 years, I still consult him if I have any doubt as to a test, a question or unresolved medical issue. My only suggestion would be to estimate the time you need and organize your thoughts, questions and ideas to get the most out of your visit. He will work with you and encourage you to select a treatment with which you are comfortable. He is a physician in the truest sense."
~ Kathy G.

Life Changing Experience
"A dedicated physician with knowledge and abilities which elude the vast majority of his peers. If others can't find a cause, or a cure, for what ails you, I strongly encourage you to visit Dr. Golan. Truly a life changing experience."
~ Eric Brandt

Relief of Symptoms and Improvement of Health
" I am a 61 year old woman. I went to Dr. Ralph Golan in November, 2010 with complaints of fatigue, depression, breathing problems, muscle and joint pain, and exhaustion. Dr. Golan listened with interest, followed up my concerns with research to determine the best course to follow for relief of symptoms and improvement of health. After doing my best to follow his instructions, I am once again interested in my life and have a sense of well-being. I have enough energy to complete a full day's work as an elementary teacher and still enjoy visiting with friends after work. I am breathing normally which contributes to my sense of well being and my energy level. The muscle and joint pain diminishes according to how well I follow dietary recommendations. I am pleased with the results and will continue to follow Dr. Golan's instructions. Sincerely, "
~ Merrill A. Hadley

Comfortable Manner and a Deep Concern For His Patients
"Thirty years ago, Dr. Golan was a general practitioner in my neighborhood. I made an appointment to discuss some minor infection, as I recall, and I was astonished as we talked to learn he had far more information about how I could prevent a recurrence of kidney stones than the urologist I'd been seeing. I am still astonished today, recalling how resourceful he has been over the years as he addressed other health challenges I've faced, some common and some rare.

Typically, as I bring up a new concern, he considers the latest discoveries about that problem as well as his knowledge of my medical history. His recall of seemingly insignificant aspects of my history has often provided important clues for his initial diagnosis. Because these diagnoses have almost always proven correct, my treatments have proceeded efficiently, saving months of experimentation and the associated expense.

Dr. Golan offers standard and alternative treatment plans. I've favored the alternative ones, and found most of them effective, and some even magical. In spite of Dr. Golan’s great proficiency with these methods, he's no blind promoter of them. He insists on using standard medical tests to find out if a given method produced measurable results.

At 67 years old, I am in fine health – the best that I can recall – and I owe much of that to Dr. Golan, or "Ralph" as I have come to know him. He combines a comfortable manner and a deep concern for his patients with a lively curiosity about methods to achieve what he calls 'optimal wellness'. I have recommended him, and his book, Optimal Wellness, to many friends over the years." ~ John Woodmansee

Combines the Best of Mainstream and Naturopathic Medicine
"I have been a patient of Dr. Ralph Golan’s on and off for the past six years. I view Dr. Golan as a wise consultant in my quest for better health and the resolution of some difficult problems. In my appointments with him I appreciate his open mindedness and full attention to my situation. Dr. Golan combines the inquisitiveness of a scientist with the compassion of an understanding caregiver. His practice is unique because it combines the best of mainstream and naturopathic medicine. I recommend him to anyone struggling with difficult health issues.."
~ Darden Burns


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