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If you are unable to travel to Seattle to visit Dr. Golan, contact us to schedule a phone consultation.


In a twenty to thirty minute consultation (in person or by telephone) Dr. Golan will suggest for you the nutritional supplements that can best suit your individual needs. His recommendations may include: vitamins, minerals, herbs, phytonutrients, amino acids, essential fatty acids, medical foods, food concentrates, and more. He will tell you exact doses and suggest the same quality brands he recommends in his medical practice. You will be able to order them from us, if you wish, or other suppliers.

Based on your age, gender, past and current medical history, family medical history, any available laboratory test results, and other factors, Dr. Golan will take the guesswork out of this very important part of health maintenance. After contacting our office, you will receive a questionnaire that will facilitate Dr. Golan's evaluation. Send it back to us and call to schedule the consultation. It is that easy!


Dr. Golan will give addresses, lectures, and/or workshops for your professional or lay group.


Dr. Golan will write articles, or columns for your publication. Chapters from the book Optimal Wellness are available for reprint. Contact Dr. Golan for reprint permission.



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