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Q: How many years has Dr. Golan been practicing integrated, holistic medicine?
A: For 34 years

Q: How old is Dr. Golan?
A: 64 years old

Q: Is he board certified?
A: Yes, in Holistic Medicine, the newest of recognized medical specialties. Dr. Golan was in the very first group of physicians honored as a diplomate of this specialty. The first examination was offered in December 2000.

Q: What organizations does he belong to?
A: Dr. Golan is a current member of the American College of Advancement in Medicine. He was a member of the American Holistic Medical Association for twenty years and served on the American Board of Holistic Medicine since its inception until 2003.

Q: Does he accept and bill medical insurance companies in his office?
A: No. We ask for payment at the time of each visit (Visa, MasterCard & Discover is an option). We provide you with a statement of services (including ICD-9 and CPT codes) that you may then submit to your insurance carrier. Check with your insurance carrier first for your policy coverage details regarding visits to a "non-participating" provider. By "non-participating", this means Dr. Golan has not signed any contracts with insurance companies.

Q: Why doesn't Dr. Golan accept insurance?
A: After ten frustrating years of accepting insurance, Dr. Golan made the decision to switch to "fee for service". What was frustrating was that his style of spending one to one and one-half hours with each new patient and thirty or more minutes in follow-up visits did not fit the insurance industry's "usual and customary", and as a result, Dr. Golan's insurance reimbursements represented only a fraction of the time and effort he spent. Now, he is able to spend the time required to get to thoroughly know his patients and their health concerns and is able to decide with them what tests and treatments to pursue without third party interference. He works on your behalf.

Q: Is Dr. Golan a Medicare participant?
A: No, he has signed an "Opt Out" agreement whereby he, nor Medicare patients can bill Medicare for his services. The policy for Medicare patients is the same for everyone else, fee for service. The reasons for opting out of Medicare are the same for not participating with insurance companies, except that Medicare restrictions are far more severe.

Q: Is Dr. Golan a primary care physician?
A: No, he functions more as a specialist that patients usually see for a series of visits until their concerns are resolved. They may see him again at a future time for new (or old) concerns that arise. He is not always available for acute problems (as his practice focuses primarily on chronic/recurring conditions, prevention and health-building), is not always available for after hours urgent calls, and does not see people in the hospital.

Q: What kind of health concerns does Dr. Golan address?
A: As a general practitioner, he sees people of all ages for a myriad of concerns: Fatigue, fibromyalgia, digestive and bowel complaints, depression, sleep disorder, headache, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis and heart disease, menopause and perimenopausal concerns, memory disturbance, recurrent sinus and respiratory infections, ADD, mercury and other heavy metal toxicity, food and inhalant allergies, candida related illness, hypoglycemia, diabetes, syndrome X, arthritis, eczema, longevity concerns, osteoporosis and more….

Q: Will Dr. Golan conduct telephone consultations for those patients unable to travel to Seattle?
A: Yes. Although there are inherent limitations to telephone consultations, the exchange of information can still be valuable.


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