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Optimal Wellness Reader Reviews

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"Optimal Wellness is the most comprehensive, well researched, text on alternative medicine ever written. This is a superb publication and is an ideal book to have in the home library as well as for the physician who is interested in alternative medicine. The book has obviously taken a tremendous effort and reflects the unique and careful observations and treatment that takes place in an intelligent and innovative physician's practice."

David Buscher, MD, Past President of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine


"I have known and respected Dr. Golan for many years. He has written a very practical, articulate and easy-to-use guide to wellness through the use of alternative medicine. This book will be helpful whether you are currently healthy, ill or somewhere in between."

Christiane Northrup, MD, Past President of the American Holistic Medical Association, and Author of Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom, and The Wisdom of Menopause


"For 16 years, I looked for a book that combined the best of standard, allopathic medicine with alternative therapies but was consistently disappointed until I found Dr. Golan's book. I've lost count of the number of copies of Optimal Wellness that I've given as gifts. If I could recommend only one book to have in a family's personal health care library, this is it."

Jacqueline J. Deegan from Kent, Ohio


"The health-care system of the 21st century will be based upon Americans taking greater responsibility for their own health. Primary care physicians will become health educators as well as healers. Ralph Golan represents that prototype. In sharing both his knowledge and his caring, he has provided us with an outstanding and comprehensive guide to self-care" .

Robert S. Ivker, DO, Past President of the American Holistic Medical Association and Author of Sinus Survival


"A wonderful book in every way. It is well organized and written, and immensely readable. I was especially impressed by the comprehensive discussion of topics which are relevant to anyone and everyone who wishes to enjoy good health. I highly recommend it."

William G. Crook, MD- Author of The Yeast Connection and the Woman


"Ralph Golan, M.D. has authored a new book Optimal Wellness-Where Mainstream and Alternative Medicine Meet" which I believe, from my twenty years of experience in the field of complementary medicine, represents one of the most substantial new contributions to the field. Dr. Golan has been a practitioner of comprehensive medical care for nearly two decades and has been a leader in the Pacific Northwest in advancing "the best of both worlds of medicine." He has dealt with a broad range of health care from pediatrics to gerontology-focused medicine. I've had the opportunity to observe the relationship that Dr. Golan shares with his patients and have marveled at his ability to weave a variety of different concepts together, helping them to "get the best out of medicine" with regard to their individual needs. I think that the book Optimal Wellness expresses the experience and scientific basis for this integrated approach to medicine beautifully. I am convinced that the book will make a significant contribution to those who read it in understanding how to find their way through the complexities of our medical system and to be more "in charge" of their own medical services.

The field of complementary medicine is in need of books with the quality and texture of that of Dr. Golan's book. I believe the book will prove to be a major resource to be used for years to come in this rapidly evolving field. I urge all readers who are interested in both the "whys" and the "how too" of complementary medicine to carefully read Dr. Golan's book."   

Jeff Bland, President and Chief Science Officer, Metagenics Inc.


"A bible for 21st-century medicine. It is a 'must-read' comprehensive reference text for patient and health-care provider alike."

David Perlmutter, MD, Author of LifeGuide: Your Guide to a Longer and Healthier Life and


"For almost twenty years, patients in Seattle have greatly benefited from Dr. Golan's skillful blending of conventional and alternative medicine. His special insights have helped many to dramatically improve their health, especially those for whom the conventional approaches proved inadequate. This unique handbook makes available to everyone the opportunity to experience for themselves optimal wellness."

Joseph E. Pizzorno, Jr., ND- Past President & Founder of Bastyr University and Co-Author of Encyclopedia of Natural Medicine


"Ralph Golan has put together a path, in a workable, usable book, to increase health to that optimum peak that most people are seeking today. We need to have more education and less medication, and it is to this end that I say this is one of the finest books that has come out in a long time. I am sure that many people will be blessed in using this book, as students, as teachers, and in taking control of their own health."

Bernard Jensen DC, ND, PhD, and Author of Nature Has a Remedy, The Science and Practice of Iridology


"The doctor can write! I finally understand the immune system, which vitamins to take and what's the big deal about free radicals and antioxidants. My friends constantly call me to look up what their doctors didn't explain clearly to them. The answers are always in Optimal Wellness. I tell them to buy the book. It's a real bargain."

Carol Mockridge, Reader


"Strong, persuasive, and accurate...Dr. Golan brings order out of a chaotic explosion of health-care information. He has synthesized the knowledge of the workings of the body, the mind, and the spirit into a coherent, mutually supportive process called wellness."

Dr. Lendon Smith- Author of Feed Your Kids Right


"A valuable resource for anyone interested in maintaining good health and treating illness safely and naturally."

Alan R. Gaby, MD- Past President of the American Holistic Medical Association and Author of Preventing and Reversing Osteoporosis

"Optimal Wellness by Ralph Golan, MD, is a masterful, comprehensive, and entirely readable guide to the basic principles of becoming and remaining healthy. Dr. Golan's advice will result in improved health for us all. Optimal Wellness is worth much, much more than its cover price!"

Jonathan V. Wright, MD- Author of Dr. Wright's Guide to Healing with Nutrition



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